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Marché Rue Dix Beauty

Sunscreen Spray

Sunscreen Spray

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Created in collaboration with the Bree & Milly brand, this liquid spray is a medley of edelweiss extract, red raspberry, aloe vera and other natural oils that provide protection against the sun. Each of the natural oils added to this mixture carries its own natural SPF with a total approximate value of 60 SPF. 

Also try our fast-absorbing Sunblock Cream with organic zinc oxide.

Ingredients: edelweiss extract, coconut, carrot seed, red raspberry, macadamia, jojoba, aloe vera, wheat-germ, chamomile, hemp seed, cocoa butter, shea butter, st.john's wort, vitamin E, frankincense, lavender oil, rose, amber, cardamum, clove, patchouli, thanaka powder, zinc oxide. 

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